Soundwave Saturdays-Little Dragon

July 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

Little Dragon headlined Soundwave on Saturday night. The main stage was packed with barely any space to shoot, so there was no question that the 17-40 was the lens of choice, with a difficult move to the front row made exciting by a dripping t-shirt getting dropped onto my camera, causing a slight panic moment. Heres three shots from Saturday:

The beach bar stage is one of the coolest stages around, in my opinion it’s up there with Glastonbury’s Shangri-La. Literally on the water, the raised platform is governed over by a bamboo DJ booth and rigged up with a Funktion 1 system all around it. You can step off the stage and rave on the water if you feel like it.

Croatia packs some of the best sunsets around, I snapped this walking back to grab a pizza pre evening, another thing Croatia seems to be a winner on.

Tonight the legend that is Roots Manuva plays the main stage. After that I’ll be getting a few hours sleep before heading back to (Sunny? Rainy?) England.



Friday- Bonobo & More!

July 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last night was the first big night here at Soundwave, with names such as the Submotion Orchestra, Andreya Triana, Anchorsong and Bonobo gracing the main stage with their fantastic sounds. The weather isn’t’ so good today, with a lot of grey clouds coming in over the Adriatic so i’m working through last nights shots to find the keepers. Heres a few from last night that have initially made it through.

Bonobo, the man needs to description. The crowd went wild at each step of his set, consisting mainly of tunes from the ‘Black Sands’ Album.

Andreya Triana, featured several times with Bonobo and later came on stage with him to perform several songs. Andreya had a slight pause in her set when a dog invaded the stage, hence the laughter.

Anchorsong, hailing from Japan was an artist I had never heard of. Playing an absolutely incredible set with sounds from calm beats to more Drum & Bass and Garage inspired ones, he was an incredible surprise to me.

Click the images for bigger versions, more may be up soon but Aperture demolishes my battery and hunting down the hotel manager for an adapter to charge it is fairly annoying. Tonight I’ll be shooting Riot Jazz, Belleruche, Zero 7 and Little Dragon on the mainstage.

Early Evening

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During my initial look around the festival site, I snapped this one. I’m quite a fan of it for such a quick image, for day one it’s a keeper!


Welcome to Croatia

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I’m writing this very quickly from my apartment in Croatia. Here for Soundwave Festival 2011, I arrived Wednesday morning after an excessive week in Turkey. Needless to say the first day was getting used to the place and sleeping, as has today to some extent. The festival is in possibly the best setting I’ve ever seen, just outside a small fishing village on the Dalmatian coast. The sun is beaming and as of about 45 minutes ago, the music is going off. Heres a couple of pictures to keep you all entertained, there will be a lot more as of tomorrow when it goes turbo on the photography front!



Soundwave Approaches!

July 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s only two weeks now till I head out to Soundwave Festival in Croatia. Ill be shooting for Trekstock , a great charity supporting young people who are dealing with cancer. It’s an exciting time, hopefully my bag will actually fit in Easyjets luggage compartments as the idea of paying for checked baggage is  not one to be considered!

In other news, I’ve moved over to Apple for computers with the purchase of a Macbook Pro. I’m sure it will be able to fulfil my photo requirements for many years, and will be facing its first test when out at Soundwave with me.

Photography wise not much has been going on lately, with so many people on holiday at the moment its tough to find sports and things to shoot. That said in a few weeks time I’ll be bombarding you all with images of the likes of Bonobo, Roots Manuva and many many more.

For now though, here’s my friend George swimming in a river. He’s off to Malaysia for a year and needed to raise some money, some would’ve sold lemonade, he decided to swim all the way down the Adur.


Mobile Again!

June 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

After a few weeks of being unable to shoot due to an operation, I made it back into normal shoes and went up the downs today with Dom to get some bike shots in. Aside from my triggers being absolutely useless, I’ve got a few shots here that I’m happy with, here’s a couple:


My flights are also now booked for Soundwave Festival in Croatia. Thanks to Trekstock I’ll be heading out there in July to cover the event. All thats needed now is accommodation and i’m all set for a very busy July!

A couple from the IOW.

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I got bored in my photography exam and decided to go through a few shots that I didn’t put into my final set. Heres a couple of them:

Find bigger ones/other shots Here