A few days, a few parks..

May 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Over the last few days we have visited a few skate parks around the place and ive shot a fair amount. Here are some of the shots that ive taken a liking to:


I havent taken a colour skate shot for a fair while, this one caught my eye and for the first time in a long time at Small Dole I was happy to dish it out in colour.

 The shadow lends itself to this shot well I find, it helps give out that sense of airtime that was lost slightly when I missed getting the coping in the shot..

Another air shot, the lighting was pretty odd in this one and the range of exposure through the image meant it didn’t really bother me until I B&W’ed it, looking at it now im a fan.

Heres two from Sunday at Angmering:

Its gutting I couldn’t quite stretch that little bit more angle out of my 17-40 to get the entire bowl into this, but its come out alright in the end.

And that finishes off the set for today, as always click the images for a bigger version as only small ones fit into this!


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