Various things!

March 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Its been over a week since i last considered a post,  in which ive shot a fair amount. A bit of skating here and there, a great day shooting bikes today and then a splash of experimentation in Photoshop (Yes, I do openly slate over-photoshopping, but I got bored). Heres some photos from recent times:

Firstly a couple of skate shots from a fairly chilled out session at Small Dole. I’m still trying to find the perfect angles down there, being a wooden park it takes on a fairly horrible colour for photos until summer so B&W seems to work reasonably better than colour:

Moving on from skating, here’s some bike shots from today. I concentrated on pans as conventional shots started to get tedious..

Following today, in a boring sunday evening style, I decided to try out some digital cross processing in Photoshop. Heres the result of a first quick attempt, its definitely picked up some of the traits of the aim, and I can draw similarities between the colours in this and those in my Ektacolour work:

Thats all for today, over the next few weeks things are going to pick up with the big road trip fast approaching..



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