The Glastonbury Diaries.

January 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Its a good seven months late, the negatives are dusty, tickets for Glastonbury 2011 have already sold out (Dont even get me started!), so heres a series of photos from 2010. All on Hp5+, EOS 30+50mm 1.8. Mostly shot on Thursday, maybe Friday, who knows! My memory isnt that good, and film doesnt carry EXIF.

So lets say you plan on heading to Glastonbury, the first youll need is a bunch of people to go with. Lets kick off with some shots of some of the group for last year.

Face pulling is totally necessary, as demonstrated Here, and Here.

Of course, Theres always room for the head and shoulders. (Should you be expecting the use of said shampoo at the festival, good luck)

So after the obligatory group photos, we can move on to supplies.

Shoes, Socks and Strongbow. If there are three things you need in a southern English field, i could find much better matches, this however doesnt mean in the slightest that its a bad combination. A pair of shorts in reccomended.

So youve got your liquids, one of the great things is the sheer level of variety of food. One day you can have South African barbeque for breakfast, sausage and mash for lunch, and pizza for dinner. If you are willing to pay the rather high prices! This was one of the favourite stalls to come across for the week, how specific it is amused me.

Yes, The chicken is being cooked in a device made from shopping trolleys and a wire fence, stirred with a stick.

Clothing is a big one at Glastonbury, from the various custom printed shirts to indian headresses, to full blown set ups, you will see everything.

These guys had some of the finest headwear of the week by quite a longshot.

There are 40 odd stages, ranging in size and exposure massively. Here’s the Other stage, the second largest stage at the festival, in its usual chilled out image.

On the other hand, Heres the circus tent, gracing us with a great little jazz band that was a nice chillout in the morning.

As you can see, there is alot of sitting down. Why thrash when you can crash?

 The free paper provided is a highly effective source of news, alternatively, it also provides some well needed shade if you are creative. Heres one of my favourite images from the festival.

Of course, when its time to stand, its time to get your hands in the air. Glastonbury can see several hundred thousand hands in the air at once, picturing that many hands is difficult, this could help, if you can count them, you are too bored.

Thanks for reading, I hope youve enjoyed the images. More film scans will continue to make their way up here over time as i find them/the time to scan them in.


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