Its Been a while, Christmas themed post time!

December 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

So its literally been months since my last post, and to be quite honest, not alot has happened. Luckily, to break that dry spell, my good friend Dom Knight decided to buy a Santa Claus outfit and do some bike jumps with it.

I recently got a second trigger so can operate dual remote flashes now, though today i stupidly couldnt find my tripods anywhere meaning i had to stuff the flashguns inside gloves and rest them on the ground to make them work/point the right way, which meant very, very unreliable lighting that was questionable at best. The Duck tape did come out, and a flashgun was taped to a tree at points.

So after three hours of waking up, i finally slogged up the downs with Dom, a Santa costume, and a whole load of very, very cold ground underfoot. Meeting up with a few other local riders, we preceded to clear the takeoff and landing and get ready for Santa to ditch the sled and move onto two wheels.

Now there is usually a rather large ugly tree slap in the middle of this angle. After recently acquiring Photoshop CS5, i figured i may aswel give Content aware fill a shot. Google it, its quite impressive, unfortunately it isnt a perfect system and after first look, it becomes noticeable that CAF has been used.

Unfortunately my flashes decided to fall over just before Dom actually hit the hip as Santa, so i had to make up for it by shooting futher up the hill on  far less impressive bit of trail, heres the result, Santa trucking it across the top out of the fog.

Tragically upon getting home and into the warm , i found my most used lens, my 50mm F/1.8, had broken clean in half in my bag. Dont ask me how, i have absolutely no idea! But i will have to replace it at some point soon. For now the Lomo LC-A will be my camera of choice until i can get a new lens sorted.

Merry Christmas!


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