Lomo LCA+ And some skating.

November 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

After a week or so’s wait, i walked through my door this evening to find a real surprise..

A UPS note saying my delivery had been missed, and left at number 25. after leaving the warm confines of my house, wondering “What the hell has arrived and it better be for me”, i knocked on my neighbours door and was handed a nice big parcel, which, to my semi-surprise, had my name on it.

Thats when i remembered id bought a Lomo LCA+ a week before, i hadnt been expecting it for a good week yet, as its come all the way from China to avoid the ridiculous prices charged for them here. Packaged in a lovely wooden Box, which sadly hadnt quite survived the journey and is a little worse for wear, was the LCA. Im very excited to get out and about with it and see what it can do, it feels nice and sturdy, and should survive whatever i throw at it.

Secondly, Heres a couple of shots from a little bit of photographising i got up to the other night while filming ridiculously dramatic opening scenes for a very boring application (You’ll see later on). As usual its a bit Skatey and a bit portraity, though it was nice to be using the 430EX again and trying out some new ideas.

Noisy as hell and fairly soft, Nothing like shooting in the freezing cold late at night in late November.


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