Ghetto bicycle riding and new toys..

November 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Good lord, I havnt updated anything for a long time! Shameful. This week i got the first of two Canon 430EX Flashes ive been meaning to get for a good year now, Great peformance in a fairly small package. Top stuff, once i get sorted out with new triggers i should be good to go on a flashing spree. (Yep, I said that). Having previously owned the original 430EX model, getting hold of the new 430EX II was great, a new locking collar, and a slightly refined design give it great usability once people like me remind themselves how to work with an advanced flash, not a Vivitar.

So at an undisclosed time, at an undisclosed educational establishment, a good friend of mine decided, rather than to get on with his work, he would start planning a new object to throw him and his bike off. The result of this was one of the most ghetto pieces of riding i have ever seen, a one pallete wide landing, a sizable drop, a shockingly low temperature (My lens was actually fogging it was so cold) and the outcome was…i missed the shot. Thanks to a lapse of concentration on my part and a flare from a light, there are no photos from me of the drop being hit.

Luckily, there is a nice little video courtesy of Mr Whiteside, who has recently decided to move into Videography and picked up a Canon 550D, something that is ever tempting me to do this winter.

Link to video here.


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