Summer sun in October, Well, i call it skate o’clock!

October 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

So over the past few days, Sussex has experienced some fantastic weather. Since Wednesday, its been sunnier and sunnier, and on Friday afternoon i headed out to the local skatepark for a good session with a few skaters, a few photographers, and a great sense of summer in the air. Regardless of the fact we are heading into mid-October, the atmosphere was fantastic, the weather was great, the ramps were dry and a great session went down.

Luckily on Friday, i had the chance to try out a Sigma 10-20 F/3.5-4. Its a decent lens, its nice and wide on a crop sensor, but in my honest opinion, it is far from the sharpest lens ive used, my 50 and 70-200’s are both far sharper, to the point where i didnt feel that many of the images taken with the 10-20 were worth using.  I will however be getting a wide angle this winter, though i will be going for a Tokina 11-16 F/2.8 instead.

As you may notice, the last photo in the set is a reverse angle of a previous favourite of mine, Ive been working on this angle and have been trying to find the sweet spot for getting a really great shot from it, i like both so far, but i feel they are still missing something. I also need to decide which side to shoot from! If youve got a suggestion, shoot a comment about it.


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