Caersws BDS Round 5

September 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

This weekend, it was the final round of the British Downhill Series. The venue was Caersws, its short, steep, and amazingly for wales, it was damn sunny. Arriving at around 1AM friday night to the great greeting of -5 and a damp field, we awoke saturday morning to not much better. Once the sun came out this story changed! a short hike up the hill to the top to shoot practice, and when i say short, i mean long, difficult and dirty, led to a day of shooting the upper course.

Of course no weekend goes without flaw, Upon heading into the woods to shoot some of the lower jumps, i found i had left my flashgun on after the last occasion i used it. Needless to say, of course i had also forgotten to bring any spare batteries, meaning no flashes in the woods for me, and no real decent shots.

Abandoning that plan, it was back up to the open on Sunday morning, when it was so cold that my camera itself froze, meaning i had to frantically clean off the massive amount of condensation making its way into the camera as soon as i stepped in the sunshine. Sunday was a great days shooting, i got some shots i am very pleased with, and the racing was great, I will hopefully be attending every BDS round next year so bring it on!

Heres a few shots from the weekend:

Upon looking at this photo on my laptop i decided something had to be wrong, As nobody else had boosted this quite so high!

Check out more at my Flickr!


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