Nero GIF

August 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

I thought this might be amusing, so i threw a few shots into a quick GIF Generator. Check out the guy bottom left!

how do you make a gif


Nero at Digital Brighton

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Last night me and Pete from Hey Man, Check My Band! headed down to Digital to shoot and review a set from recent dubstep superstars Nero. I was limited by available angles and eventually was not able to shoot in the booth, so here’s some shots from the night that I’ve sorted so far.


HMCMB Will have a review up soon, so keep your eyes peeled HERE, also check out my Flickr for a few more shots Here

Green Door Store-16/8/11

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I headed down to the Green Door Store in Brighton tonight to shoot a small hardcore gig put on by a friend of mine from the band Spitting Ghoul. By far the smallest space I’ve ever shot a show in, it was also one of most innovative. With wireless flashes set up on speakers and the like, the small size of the show meant I could try out new things and some have paid off fairly well. Heres a few shots I’m initially happy with.


Theres 3 for you all, there’s a few more here so far at my Flickr┬áso head over and check that out. Click the images to see bigger versions!

One more from Soundwave

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This caught my eye, one more from Soundwave.


Click the image for a bigger version. All festivals should be held in such incredible locations!


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Went out today to shoot bikes for the first time in a long one. Got two shots I think are worth a show, with the first being one i’m pretty darn happy with!



Working on getting to more shows and festivals at the moment, hopefully will do some more this summer!


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Found this working through some more photos earlier, figured it was well worth a share.


One of my favourite silhouettes ever.


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The Hip Hop legend that is Roots Manuva graced Soundwave last night. With a performance that left the main stage completely packed out. The crowd was fired up beyond belief, with a massive hip hop set being played out to tune them in after the excellent Smerins Anti Social Club had played a great show before the wait. With the rain rolling in, Sunday was an odd one with some afternoon acts being moved inside the nightclub. Reportedly this was not so great, with the venue being tiny leading to massive queues outside, something I avoided trying with the camera in hand and took the option of heading back to the apartment and working through more photos.

As this is being written from an airport lounge and battery is running awfully low, with no more words, here are some preliminary shots from last night.


The atmosphere from inside the booth was fantastic, this silhouette had to be grabbed from behind it.


More will come once I get home, for now, I am officially out of battery.